• Source: Falkreath Hold
  • Style: Dreadhorn
  • Bonus:
    • (2 items) Adds 1164 Maximum Health
    • (3 Items) Adds 2871 Physical Resistance
    • (4 Items) Adds 2871 Spell Resistance
    • (5 Items) When you take damage, you have an 8% chance to turn your blood into pure iron and gain Major Protection for 10 seconds, reducing your damage taken by 30%, but your Movement Speed is reduced by 50%. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds.

Ironblood - Female Close FrontIronblood - Female Close BackIronblood - Female Close SideIronblood - Female FrontIronblood - Female BackIronblood - Female Side

Ironblood - Male Close FrontIronblood - Male Close BackIronblood - Male Close SideIronblood - Male FrontIronblood - Male BackIronblood - Male Side

Falkreath Rubedite Axe 2Falkreath Rubedite Axe

Falkreath Rubedite Battle Axe 2Falkreath Rubedite Battle Axe

Falkreath Rubedite Dagger 2Falkreath Rubedite Dagger

Falkreath Rubedite Greatsword 2Falkreath Rubedite Greatsword

Falkreath Rubedite Mace 2Falkreath Rubedite Mace

Falkreath Rubedite Maul 2Falkreath Rubedite Maul

Falkreath Rubedite Sword 2Falkreath Rubedite Sword

Falkreath Ruby Ash Bow 2Falkreath Ruby Ash Bow

Falkreath Ruby Ash Shield 2Falkreath Ruby Ash Shield

Falkreath Ruby Ash Staff 2Falkreath Ruby Ash Staff