Inferno Facade

  • Source: Psijic Vault Crown Crate – Superior
  • Cost: 16 Crown Gems
  • This full-face visor looks as if an Atronach’s flaring features had been captured in metal, giving its wearer the otherworldly look of an elemental Daedra from Oblivion.

Inferno Facade - Female FrontInferno Facade - Female RearInferno Facade - Female Side

Inferno Facade - Male FrontInferno Facade - Male RearInferno Facade - Male Side

Inferno Facade Argonian FrontInferno Facade Argonian RearInferno Facade Argonian Side

Inferno Facade Khajiit FrontInferno Facade Khajiit RearInferno Facade Khajiit Side


Quester Yellow, Forge Ember Red

Inferno Facade - Dyed FrontInferno Facade - Dyed RearInferno Facade - Dyed Side