Infernal Epidermis

  • Source: Flame Atronach Crown Crate (Apex)
  • Cost: 400 Crown Gems
  • Look like an ever-burning Flame Atronach from Oblivion with the Infernal Epidermis, a smoking-hot skin of fire, ash, and charcoal.

Infernal Epidermis - Female FrontInfernal Epidermis - Female BackInfernal Epidermis - Female SideInfernal Epidermis - Male FrontInfernal Epidermis - Male BackInfernal Epidermis - Male Side

Infernal Epidermis - Argonian FrontInfernal Epidermis - Argonian BackInfernal Epidermis - Argonian SideInfernal Epidermis - Khajiit FrontInfernal Epidermis - Khajiit BackInfernal Epidermis - Khajiit Side