Imperial Chancellor

  • Source: Achieve 160 CP
  • When a member of the Elder Council must go to war, he or she dons the traditional armor of the Imperial Chancellor.

Imperial Chancellor - Female Close FrontImperial Chancellor - Female Close BackImperial Chancellor - Female Close SideImperial Chancellor - Female FrontImperial Chancellor - Female BackImperial Chancellor - Female Side

Imperial Chancellor - Male Close FrontImperial Chancellor - Male Close BackImperial Chancellor - Male Close SideImperial Chancellor - Male FrontImperial Chancellor - Male BackImperial Chancellor - Male Side

Imperial Chancellor - Argonian Male Close FrontImperial Chancellor - Argonian Male Close RearImperial Chancellor - Argonian Male Close SideImperial Chancellor - Argonian Male FrontImperial Chancellor - Argonian Male RearImperial Chancellor - Argonian Male Side

Imperial Chancellor - Khajiit Female Close FrontImperial Chancellor - Khajiit Female Close RearImperial Chancellor - Khajiit Female Close SideImperial Chancellor - Khajiit Female FrontImperial Chancellor - Khajiit Female RearImperial Chancellor - Khajiit Female Side


Provisioner Brown, Ransacker Blue, Clothier Purple

Imperial Chancellor Dyed Close FrontImperial Chancellor Dyed Close BackImperial Chancellor Dyed Close SideImperial Chancellor Dyed FrontImperial Chancellor Dyed BackImperial Chancellor Dyed Side