Hircine’s Veneer

  • Source: Selene’s Web
  • Style: Unique
  • Special Effect: Glowing green balls encircle character
  • Bonus:
    • (2 items) Stamina Recovery
    • (3 items) Max Stamina
    • (4 items) Stamina Recovery
    • (5 items) Increases your Stamina Recovery by 12% for you and up to 11 other group members within 28 meters of you.

Savior's Hide Medium - Female Close FrontSavior's Hide Medium - Female Close BackSavior's Hide Medium - Female Close SideSavior's Hide Medium - Female FrontSavior's Hide Medium - Female BackSavior's Hide Medium - Female SideSkinchanger (Old) Medium - Glow

Savior's Hide Medium - Male Close FrontSavior's Hide Medium - Male Close BackSavior's Hide Medium - Male Close SideSavior's Hide Medium - Male FrontSavior's Hide Medium - Male BackSavior's Hide Medium - Male SideSkinchanger Medium - Male Special Effects

Skinchanger Medium - Argonian Male Close FrontSkinchanger Medium - Argonian Male Close RearSkinchanger Medium - Argonian Male Close SideSkinchanger Medium - Argonian Male FrontSkinchanger Medium - Argonian Male RearSkinchanger Medium - Argonian Male SideSkinchanger Medium - Argonian Male Special Effects

Skinchanger Medium - Khajiit Female Close FrontSkinchanger Medium - Khajiit Female Close RearSkinchanger Medium - Khajiit Female Close SideSkinchanger Medium - Khajiit Female FrontSkinchanger Medium - Khajiit Female RearSkinchanger Medium - Khajiit Female SideSkinchanger Medium - Khajiit Female Special Effects

Individual Pieces

Skinchanger (Old) Medium Helmet - Female FrontSkinchanger (Old) Medium Helmet - Female RearSkinchanger (Old) Medium Helmet - Female RightSkinchanger (Old) Medium Helmet - Female Side

Skinchanger (Old) Medium Helmet - Male FrontSkinchanger (Old) Medium Helmet - Male RearSkinchanger (Old) Medium Helmet - Male RightSkinchanger (Old) Medium Helmet - Male Side

Skinchanger (Old) Medium Arm Cops - Female FrontSkinchanger (Old) Medium Arm Cops - Female RearSkinchanger (Old) Medium Arm Cops - Female RightSkinchanger (Old) Medium Arm Cops - Female Side

Skinchanger (Old) Medium Arm Cops - Male FrontSkinchanger (Old) Medium Arm Cops - Male RearSkinchanger (Old) Medium Arm Cops - Male RightSkinchanger (Old) Medium Arm Cops - Male Side

Skinchanger (Old) Medium Jack - Female FrontSkinchanger (Old) Medium Jack - Female RearSkinchanger (Old) Medium Jack - Female RightSkinchanger (Old) Medium Jack - Female Side

Skinchanger (Old) Medium Jack - Male FrontSkinchanger (Old) Medium Jack - Male RearSkinchanger (Old) Medium Jack - Male RightSkinchanger (Old) Medium Jack - Male Side

Skinchanger (Old) Medium Bracers - Female FrontSkinchanger (Old) Medium Bracers - Female RearSkinchanger (Old) Medium Bracers - Female RightSkinchanger (Old) Medium Bracers - Female Side

Skinchanger (Old) Medium Bracers - Male FrontSkinchanger (Old) Medium Bracers - Male RearSkinchanger (Old) Medium Bracers - Male RightSkinchanger (Old) Medium Bracers - Male Side

Skinchanger (Old) Medium Belt - Female FrontSkinchanger (Old) Medium Belt - Female RightSkinchanger (Old) Medium Belt - Female Side

Skinchanger (Old) Medium Belt - Male FrontSkinchanger (Old) Medium Belt - Male RightSkinchanger (Old) Medium Belt - Male Side

Skinchanger (Old) Medium Guards - Female FrontSkinchanger (Old) Medium Guards - Female RearSkinchanger (Old) Medium Guards - Female RightSkinchanger (Old) Medium Guards - Female Side

Skinchanger (Old) Medium Guards - Male FrontSkinchanger (Old) Medium Guards - Male RearSkinchanger (Old) Medium Guards - Male RightSkinchanger (Old) Medium Guards - Male Side

Skinchanger (Old) Medium Boots - Female FrontSkinchanger (Old) Medium Boots - Female RearSkinchanger (Old) Medium Boots - Female RightSkinchanger (Old) Medium Boots - Female Side

Skinchanger (Old) Medium Boots - Male FrontSkinchanger (Old) Medium Boots - Male RearSkinchanger (Old) Medium Boots - Male RightSkinchanger (Old) Medium Boots - Male Side


Amethyst Violet, Recipe Reaper Red, Motif Pattern Blue

Skinchanger (Old) Medium - Dyed FrontSkinchanger (Old) Medium - Dyed RearSkinchanger (Old) Medium - Dyed Side