Here there be Dragons [EU]

  • Stay-Moist Mansion: Here there be Dragons [EU]
  • Submitted by: Schillerschuppe

This is my first home in game and i wanted to keep it classic Argonian styled. I used only items of other styles where it fit or where there is no Argonian alternative. Or where it would not be visible. hidden torches for Animated fire and such. (gota love that breton sconce)
It is the home of my Argonians. Has-Heart-of-Dragon and Träumt-Von-Drachen (Dreams of Dragons)
Both of them are fascinated of everything dragon related. And Träumt hopes to be able to summon one one day. Thats why there is a dragonshrine in the backyard.
It can’t be that much more complicated than summoning a clanban could it.
And Has-Heart has some cleptomanic impulses from time to time and likes to hoard stuff in his privat room.

Wish there where more slots for stuff. Want to make so many more small details.