Haven of Ursus

  • Source: March of Sacrifices
  • Style: Huntsman
  • Bonus:
    • (2 items) Adds Max Health
    • (3 items) Adds Healing Taken
    • (4 items) Adds Max Health
    • (5 items) When you take damage while you are under 50% Health, summon Ursus’s spirit for 6 seconds. You or an ally can activate a synergy on Ursus to grant you a shield that protects you and the activator from 13954 damage for 6 seconds. This effect can occur once every 12 seconds.

Huntsman Heavy - Female Close FrontHuntsman Heavy - Female Close RearHuntsman Heavy - Female Close SideHuntsman Heavy - Female FrontHuntsman Heavy - Female RearHuntsman Heavy - Female Side

Huntsman Heavy - Male Close FrontHuntsman Heavy - Male Close RearHuntsman Heavy - Male Close SideHuntsman Heavy - Male FrontHuntsman Heavy - Male RearHuntsman Heavy - Male Side

Individual Pieces

Huntsman Heavy Helm - Female FrontHuntsman Heavy Helm - Female RearHuntsman Heavy Helm - Female RightHuntsman Heavy Helm - Female Side

Huntsman Heavy Helm - Male FrontHuntsman Heavy Helm - Male RearHuntsman Heavy Helm - Male RightHuntsman Heavy Helm - Male Side

Huntsman Heavy Pauldrons - Female FrontHuntsman Heavy Pauldrons - Female RearHuntsman Heavy Pauldrons - Female RightHuntsman Heavy Pauldrons - Female Side

Huntsman Heavy Pauldrons - Male FrontHuntsman Heavy Pauldrons - Male RearHuntsman Heavy Pauldrons - Male RightHuntsman Heavy Pauldrons - Male Side

Huntsman Heavy Cuirass - Female FrontHuntsman Heavy Cuirass - Female RearHuntsman Heavy Cuirass - Female RightHuntsman Heavy Cuirass - Female Side

Huntsman Heavy Cuirass - Male FrontHuntsman Heavy Cuirass - Male RearHuntsman Heavy Cuirass - Male RightHuntsman Heavy Cuirass - Male Side

Huntsman Heavy Gauntlets - Female FrontHuntsman Heavy Gauntlets - Female RearHuntsman Heavy Gauntlets - Female RightHuntsman Heavy Gauntlets - Female Side

Huntsman Heavy Gauntlets - Male FrontHuntsman Heavy Gauntlets - Male RearHuntsman Heavy Gauntlets - Male RightHuntsman Heavy Gauntlets - Male Side

Huntsman Heavy Girdle - Female FrontHuntsman Heavy Girdle - Female RightHuntsman Heavy Girdle - Female Side

Huntsman Heavy Girdle - Male FrontHuntsman Heavy Girdle - Male RightHuntsman Heavy Girdle - Male Side

Huntsman Heavy Greaves - Female FrontHuntsman Heavy Greaves - Female RearHuntsman Heavy Greaves - Female RightHuntsman Heavy Greaves - Female Side

Huntsman Heavy Greaves - Male FrontHuntsman Heavy Greaves - Male RearHuntsman Heavy Greaves - Male RightHuntsman Heavy Greaves - Male Side

Huntsman Heavy Sabatons - Female FrontHuntsman Heavy Sabatons - Female RearHuntsman Heavy Sabatons - Female RightHuntsman Heavy Sabatons - Female Side

Huntsman Heavy Sabatons - Male FrontHuntsman Heavy Sabatons - Male RearHuntsman Heavy Sabatons - Male RightHuntsman Heavy Sabatons - Male Side


Recipe Reaper Red, Quester Yellow, Shrike Blue

Huntsman Heavy - Dyed Close FrontHuntsman Heavy - Dyed Close RearHuntsman Heavy - Dyed Close SideHuntsman Heavy - Dyed FrontHuntsman Heavy - Dyed RearHuntsman Heavy - Dyed Side


Huntsman Axe 1Huntsman Axe 2

Huntsman Battle Axe 1Huntsman Battle Axe 2

Huntsman Bow 1Huntsman Bow 2

Huntsman Dagger 1Huntsman Dagger 2

Huntsman Greatsword 1Huntsman Greatsword 2

Huntsman Mace 1Huntsman Mace 2

Huntsman Maul 1Huntsman Maul 2

Huntsman Shield 1Huntsman Shield 2

Huntsman Staff 1Huntsman Staff 2

Huntsman Sword 1Huntsman Sword 2