Hall of the Lunar Champion

The Khajiit of Elsweyr built this awesome temple as a tribute to the legendary hero, Khunzar-ri. Elsweyr’s greatest champions may assume stewardship of the Hall, but only the most patient and cunning will discover all of its secrets!

  • Default Name: Hall of the Lunar Champion
  • Requirement: Complete Elsweyr main story quest “Two Queens”
  • Size: Manor
  • Race: Khajiit
  • Max # of Furnishings: 350 / 700 (ESO+)
  • Trophy Collectibles: 40 / 80 (ESO+)
  • Other Collectibles: 5 / 10 (ESO+)
  • Max # of Characters: 24
  • Location: Rimmen, Northern Elsweyr

You must place tablets on the altars to open the expansions. Do this through the Housing Editor. Just touching the tablet to the altar is fine (make sure it is green).

  • Jonelight Altar: Behold the Lunar Champion – marks the altars for the other three tablets
  • Altar of Betrayal: Behold Khunzar-ri’s Betrayal – opens the Portal to Halls of Colossus
  • Altar of Guile: tablet not yet available
  • Altar of Ambition: tablet not yet available