Haldor Firebreath [EU]

  • Character: Haldor Firebreath of EU
  • Submitted by: Dandillieon

Since Graymoor is close and I'm having major Skyrim nostalgia I want to show off one of my nords that I will use for the coming journey.

– Pics taken at Wrothgar


PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadBloodforge HatBloodforge DungeonThalmor BlackWolf’s Fur Brown
ShouldersWindhelm Scale Tunic ShouldersProlouge Quest: The Coven Conspiracy
ChestMercenary CuirassMaormer-Eyes GrayWolf’s Fur BrownMaormer-Eyes Gray
HandsMercenary BracersBook Cover BrownThalmor BlackMaormer-Eyes Gray
WaistMercenary SashWolf’s Fur BrownMaormer-Eyes Gray
LegsMercenary GreavesWolf’s Fur BrownThalmor Black
FeetMercenary BootsWolf’s Fur BrownMaormer-Eyes GrayMaormer-Eyes Gray
WeaponNord Greatsword 4Rank 2 MaterialsRank 2 MaterialsExpert Gray

Appearance and Companions:

Hair StyleShaved Warrior Ponytail
Head MarkingBlack Paint Domino Mask
Facial HairThe Hrothgar Hermit
Major Adornment
Minor AdornmentQuarter-Moon Earrings
Body Marking
MountHoldbreaker Warhorse
Non-Combat Pet