Hagraven’s Garden

  • Source: Bloodroot Forge
  • Style: Bloodforge
  • Bonus:
    • (2 items) Adds 1164 Maximum Health
    • (3 Items) Adds 124 Health Recovery
    • (4 Items) Adds 4% Healing Taken
    • (5 Items) When you take damage while under 50% Health, you summon a preservation of nature around you for 5 seconds. Any damage you take from enemies outside of the preservation is reduced by 50%, and the first time an enemy tries to enter the preservation they are knocked back 5 meters. This effect can occur once every 45 seconds.

Hargraven's Garden - Female Close FrontHargraven's Garden - Female Close BackHargraven's Garden - Female Close SideHargraven's Garden - Female FrontHargraven's Garden - Female BackHargraven's Garden - Female Side

Hargraven's Garden - Male Close FrontHargraven's Garden - Male Close BackHargraven's Garden - Male Close SideHargraven's Garden - Male FrontHargraven's Garden - Male BackHargraven's Garden - Male Side

Bloodroot Rubedite Axe 2Bloodroot Rubedite Axe

Bloodroot Rubedite Battle Axe 2Bloodroot Rubedite Battle Axe

Bloodroot Rubedite Dagger 2Bloodroot Rubedite Dagger

Bloodroot Rubedite Greatsword 2Bloodroot Rubedite Greatsword

Bloodroot Rubedite Mace 2Bloodroot Rubedite Mace

Bloodroot Rubedite Maul 2Bloodroot Rubedite Maul

Bloodroot Rubedite Sword 2Bloodroot Rubedite Sword

Bloodroot Ruby Ash Bow 2Bloodroot Ruby Ash Bow

Bloodroot Ruby Ash Shield 2Bloodroot Ruby Ash Shield

Bloodroot Ruby Ash Staff 2Bloodroot Ruby Ash Staff