Werewolf Hunter Hat

  • Source: Enter either Moon Hunter Keep or March of Sacrifices for the first time
  • Werewolves are loathed and hunted all across Tamriel, but the region with the strongest tradition of werewolf hunting is High Rock, where the Order of the Silver Dawn was founded specifically to eradicate the canine lycanthropes.

Werewolf Hunter Hat - Female FrontWerewolf Hunter Hat - Female RearWerewolf Hunter Hat - Female Side

Werewolf Hunter Hat - Male FrontWerewolf Hunter Hat - Male RearWerewolf Hunter Hat - Male Side

Werewolf Hunter Hat - Argonian FrontWerewolf Hunter Hat - Argonian RearWerewolf Hunter Hat - Argonian Side

Werewolf Hunter Hat - Khajiit FrontWerewolf Hunter Hat - Khajiit RearWerewolf Hunter Hat - Khajiit Side


Recipe Reaper Red, Quester Yellow, Amethyst Violet

Werewolf Hunter Hat - Dyed FrontWerewolf Hunter Hat - Dyed RearWerewolf Hunter Hat - Dyed Side