Gongowrath – NA


Character – Gongowrath – NA – Nightblade

Submitted by – Braveado




PieceMotifNameQualityLevelPrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadBarbaricHelm of Ashen GripSuperior (Blue)40Wolf’s Fur BrownWolf’s Fur BrownColdharbour Ash Black
ShouldersMercenaryArm Cops of Night’s SilenceSuperior (Blue)40Book Cover BrownWolf’s Fur BrownBirch White
ChestBarbaricJack of Ashen GripFine (Green)40Wolf’s Fur BrownWolf’s Fur BrownWolf’s Fur Brown
HandsMercenaryBracers of Night’s SilenceSuperior (Blue)40Wolf’s Fur BrownBook Cover BrownBirch White
WaistNordBelt of Night’s SilenceSuperior (Blue)40Coldharbour Ash BlackWolf’s Fur BrownBirch White
LegsMercenaryGreaves of Ashen GripSuperior (Blue)40Birch WhiteBook Cover BrownBirch White
FeetMercenaryBoots of Night’s SilenceSuperior (Blue)40Wolf’s Fur BrownBook Cover BrownBirch White
WeaponNordGreatsword of Ashen GripSuperior (Blue)40
OffhandPlease choose racial motif

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: Crafting
  • Shoulders: Crafting
  • Chest: Crafting
  • Hands: Crafting
  • Waist: Crafting
  • Legs: Crafting
  • Feet: Crafting
  • Weapon: Crafting
  • Offhand:


I’m currently doing a berserker-type build, after a long lore and image research, the look and the bars are done, I just need to max all the things. Hope anyone likes the idea.

In case you are curious, I didn’t add the weapon on the image because the current great sword I’m using is gold, I would prefer a white one but we cant dye our weapons.