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  1. VanIliriagon
    16 October 2020 @ 0906

    Couldn’t find that lead a 2nd time since I found it and excavated the item. I’ve already killed 300+ minos and still nothing. Do you also have that issue ?


  2. Perli
    17 October 2020 @ 0354

    Actually got mine doing Falkreath dungeon. Apparently it drops when doing minotaurs bosses,not mobs, like the one in the gold coast delve or elsweyr one.


  3. VanIliriagon
    19 October 2020 @ 1132

    I ended up getting another one (got it after killing 20+ minos and the gold coast world boss) with a 2nd character. Thx a lot for your reply mate !


  4. Anonymous
    30 January 2021 @ 0352

    drops in falkreath hold dungeon veteran


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