ESO Fashion


  1. Fenlin
    2 July 2015 @ 1216

    3000 crowns is too much !!!!


    • Trevor Luebbert
      2 July 2015 @ 1729

      then dont buy it. it doesn’t enhance your gameplay in any way


      • AKKARI6_
        2 July 2015 @ 1826

        If you have this u get more respect


        • FaizanHD
          2 July 2015 @ 1908

          you wouldn’t get respect, but you would get ratings and others will be like dayym nice mount, but u cannot buy respect, that must be earned


  2. Austacker
    2 July 2015 @ 1817

    I’m currently not subbed for this game on X1 as the Crown store hasn’t got much that appeals to me but seeing stuff like this pop up… I’m seriously reconsidering my options 😉


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