Flamebrow Fire Veil

  • Source: Flame Atronach Crown Crate (Epic)
  • Cost: 40 Crown Gems
  • When seeing a Flame Atronach from the realm of Infernace, one has to wonder—what’s going through the mind behind that impassive visage of fire? Now others can wonder the same about you when you wear the Face Visor that emulates that flaming look.

Flamebrow Fire Veil - Female FrontFlamebrow Fire Veil - Female BackFlamebrow Fire Veil - Female Side

Flamebrow Fire Veil - Male FrontFlamebrow Fire Veil - Male BackFlamebrow Fire Veil - Male Side

Flkamebrow Fire Veil Argonian FrontFlkamebrow Fire Veil Argonian RearFlkamebrow Fire Veil Argonian Side

Flkamebrow Fire Veil Khajiit FrontFlkamebrow Fire Veil Khajiit RearFlkamebrow Fire Veil Khajiit Side


Amethyst Violet, Battaglir Green, Shrike Blue

Flkamebrow Fire Veil Dyed FrontFlkamebrow Fire Veil Dyed RearFlkamebrow Fire Veil Dyed Side