Fenris Wolfbrother – [NA]


Character – Fenris Wolfbrother – – Dragon Knight

Submitted by – Ravinsild




Piece Motif Name Quality Level
Head Barbaric Thick Leather Helmet of Stamina Superior (Blue) 40
Shoulders Bosmer Dwarven Pauldrons of Stamina Superior (Blue) 40
Chest Bosmer Dwarven Chestguard of Stamina Fine (Green) 40
Hands Bosmer Dwarven Gauntlets of Magicka Fine (Green) 40
Waist Barbaric Thick Leather Belt of Magicka Superior (Blue) 40
Legs Bosmer Dwarven Legguards of Stamina Fine (Green) 40
Feet Bosmer Dwarven Greaves of Magicka Fine (Green) 40
Weapon Redguard Dwarven Greatsword of Absorption Superior (Blue) 40
Offhand Please choose racial motif

Where to Obtain:

Head: Crafted (Seducer’s Set)

Shoulders: Crafted (Song of Lamae Set)

Chest: Crafted (Song of Lamae Set)

Hands: Crafted (Song of Lamae Set)

Waist: Crafted (Seducer Set)

Legs: Crafted (Song of Lamae Set)

Feet: Crafted (Song of Lamae Set)

Weapon: Crafted (Seducer’s Set)