Eris, The Dread Devourer [NA]

  • Character: Eris, The Dread Devourer of NA
  • Submitted by: Dr. Pepper & Mr. Pibb
  • Eris, once known as Ahlerana, is an evil Vampire Lord that believes she can gain enough power to devour all of Nirn in place of Alduin, the World-Eater. Eris’ Vampire bloodline is one she created after she fused Lamae Bal’s blood with the blood of the Volkihar and Yekef clans. In addition to gaining their abilities, she created the process of Animus Chymification, in which the mind and soul of a powerful individual can be stripped away and absorbed.

    Eris operates in her own mini plane of Oblivion. Originally a piece of Nocturnal’s Evergloam that she stripped away and reformed, she calls this realm “The Bowels.” Within this realm are rivers of acid that digests any living creature that falls in within seconds, restoring her Magicka, Vitality, and Stamina anytime she runs low. Guarding this realm are her personal creations, Acid Atronachs and Acid Skeletons. In addition, rogue Nocturnal Shrikes, Shadow Atronachs, and her vampire clan: the Y’vora Clan also live here and attack any trespassers on sight. All intruders are thrown into the acid pools.

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