Engine Guardian

  • Source:
    • Helm: Drops from “The Engine Guardian” in Veteran Darkshade Caverns II
    • Shoulders: Maj al-Ragath’s chest
    • Weapons: Crown Store – 2,500 Crowns
  • Bonus:
    • (1 items) Health Recovery
    • (2 items) 10% chance on ability use to summon a Dwemer automation to restore 1162 Health, Stamina, or Magicka every 0.5 seconds for 6.5 seconds.

Engine Guardian - Female FrontEngine Guardian - Female BackEngine Guardian - Female Side

Engine Guardian - Male FrontEngine Guardian - Male BackEngine Guardian - Male Side

Engine Guardian - Argonian Male FrontEngine Guardian - Argonian Male RearEngine Guardian - Argonian Male RightEngine Guardian - Argonian Male Side

Engine Guardian - Khajiit Female FrontEngine Guardian - Khajiit Female RearEngine Guardian - Khajiit Female RightEngine Guardian - Khajiit Female Side

Individual Pieces

Engine Guardian Visage - Female FrontEngine Guardian Visage - Female RearEngine Guardian Visage - Female RightEngine Guardian Visage - Female Side

Engine Guardian Visage - Male FrontEngine Guardian Visage - Male RearEngine Guardian Visage - Male RightEngine Guardian Visage - Male Side

Engine Guardian Pauldrons - Female FrontEngine Guardian Pauldrons - Female RearEngine Guardian Pauldrons - Female Right

Engine Guardian Pauldrons - Male FrontEngine Guardian Pauldrons - Male RearEngine Guardian Pauldrons - Male Right


Recipe Reaper Red, Battaglir Green, Shrike Blue

Engine Guardian - Dyed FrontEngine Guardian - Dyed RearEngine Guardian - Dyed Side


 Engine Guardian Bow 1Engine Guardian Bow 2

Engine Guardian Dagger 1Engine Guardian Dagger 2

Engine Guardian Greatsword 1Engine Guardian Greatsword 2

Engine Guardian Shield 1Engine Guardian Shield 2

Engine Guardian Staff 1Engine Guardian Staff 2