Emperor’s Regalia

  • Source: Become Emperor of Cyrodiil
  • All hail his/her Imperial Majesty, Emperor of Cyrodiil!

Emperor's Regalia - Female Close FrontEmperor's Regalia - Female Close BackEmperor's Regalia - Female Close SideEmperor's Regalia - Female FrontEmperor's Regalia - Female BackEmperor's Regalia - Female Side

Emperor's Regalia - Male Close FrontEmperor's Regalia - Male Close BackEmperor's Regalia - Male Close SideEmperor's Regalia - Male FrontEmperor's Regalia - Male BackEmperor's Regalia - Male Side

Emperor's Regalia - Argonian Male Close FrontEmperor's Regalia - Argonian Male Close RearEmperor's Regalia - Argonian Male Close SideEmperor's Regalia - Argonian Male FrontEmperor's Regalia - Argonian Male RearEmperor's Regalia - Argonian Male Side

Emperor's Regalia - Khajiit Female Close FrontEmperor's Regalia - Khajiit Female Close RearEmperor's Regalia - Khajiit Female Close SideEmperor's Regalia - Khajiit Female FrontEmperor's Regalia - Khajiit Female RearEmperor's Regalia - Khajiit Female Side


Clothier Purple, Provisioner Brown, Ransacker Blue

Emperor's Regalia Dyed Close FrontEmperor's Regalia Dyed Close BackEmperor's Regalia Dyed Close SideEmperor's Regalia Dyed FrontEmperor's Regalia Dyed BackEmperor's Regalia Dyed Side