ESO Fashion


  1. futurevirgo
    21 April 2017 @ 2112

    Forgive the miss tag as Daggerfall Overlook, Earthtear was not listed <3


  2. futurevirgo
    22 April 2017 @ 1723

    Also forgot to mention that the picture with the baby panther is the Crown Store glitch where you become the baby panther.


  3. Brendan
    24 April 2017 @ 1751

    Holy crap on a cracker, i would pay to get you to decorate my cave like that….sweet jebus, that is AWESOME


    • futurevirgo
      1 May 2017 @ 1959

      Brendan, I would love to help you decorate your cave! That is precisely my dream in Tamriel. Add me in game if you are on PC @futurevirgo. <3


      • Brendan
        2 May 2017 @ 1916

        Added you, @kamikazeesquirrel


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