Elana Lightbearer [EU]

  • Character: Elana Lightbearer of EU
  • Submitted by: ECJRL
  • Hey !

    Got numerous people telling me to post here. So here I am 🙂

    This appearance was created by me with the intention to be as close as possible to an angel-like elven being.
    This could also work with male High-Elf I'm sure, not tested though.

    Cheers !


    PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
    HeadSapiarch HatGuild MerchantJulianos WhiteDivine Gold
    ShouldersDivine Prosecution PauldronsSummerset PackDivine GoldJulianos White
    ChestRa Gada JerkinGuild MerchantJulianos WhiteJulianos WhiteDivine Gold
    HandsSapiarch GauntletsGuild MerchantJulianos WhiteDivine GoldApricot Outrage
    WaistDivine Prosecution SashSummerset PackDivine Gold
    LegsSapiarch GreavesGuild MerchantJulianos WhiteDivine Gold
    FeetDivine Prosecution BootsSummerset PackJulianos WhiteJulianos WhiteDivine Gold
    WeaponWelkynar StaffCloudRest
    OffhandGlass StaffWrit Voucher Merchant

    Appearance and Companions:

    Hair StyleBarbaric Hair cut
    Head Marking
    Facial Hair
    Major Adornment
    Minor Adornment
    Body Marking
    SkinMeridia's Purified
    Non-Combat Pet