Eir Reginleif – EU

  • Character: Eir Reginleif of EU
  • Submitted by: FakeFox
  • This is the alternative outfit for my stamina tank Dragonknight, in case a proper tank is not needed. So this is not only made to look cool but also to be functional as a PvE damagedealer. Im using Bloodspawn as head and shoulder because this is what i use for tanking and i don't want to carry another monster set with me and on top it looks very cool.

    Eir is a loyal knight of the Daggerfall Convenant, but she still sicks with the traditions of her homeland Skyrim. I tried to show that by combining Covenant/Breton armour with barbaric looking pieces.

    The background I have used is the entrance to the "blessed crucible" dungeon.


    <td valign="top" width="150"Hunding's Rage (Order of the Hour)

    PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
    HeadBloodspawnLegendary (Gold)Vorenor Winterbourne (veteran Spindleclutch)Noxophilic BlackTombstone GrayColdharbour Ash Black
    ShouldersBloodspawnLegendary (Gold)Undaunted keysNoxophilic BlackTombstone GrayColdharbour Ash Black
    ChestVicious OphidianEpic (Purple)Craglorn trialsObsidian BlackNoxophilic BlackShein Violet
    HandsHunding's Rage (Breton/Medium)Epic (Purple)CraftedWolf’s Fur BrownTombstone GrayNoxophilic Black
    WaistHunding's Rage (Redguard/Medium)Epic (Purple)CraftedNoxophilic BlackNoxophilic BlackNoxophilic Black
    LegsHunding's Rage (Xivkyn/Medium)Epic (Purple)CraftedObsidian BlackTombstone GrayTombstone Gray
    FeetHunding's Rage (Breton/Heavy)Epic (Purple)CraftedTombstone GrayNoxophilic BlackWarrior’s Steel
    WeaponHunding's Rage (Trinimac)Epic (Purple)Crafted
    OffhandEpic (Purple)Crafted>