Ebony Warrior [NA]

  • Character: Ebony Warrior of NA
  • Submitted by: Saint

I primarily played Skyrim back in the day and when I returned to ESO on PC I wanted an outfit that reminded me of playing Skyrim. I immediately showed an interest in obtaining the Ebony motif once I heard it was in the game. Honestly the boots and gauntlets can be whatever you'd like, but I found that I really liked the combination of the helmet, shoulders, chest, and legs. The Hlaalu shoulders rarely stick out from the rest of the outfit, but the shape makes up for it and I really like how it fits. Weapons can also be anything, but if you're S&B, the ebony shield seals the deal to me.


PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadEbony HelmEpic (Purple)Purchasable etc.Obsidian BlackObsidian BlackColdharbour Ash Black
ShouldersHlaalu PauldronsEpic (Purple)Purchasable etc.Obsidian Black
ChestEbony CuriassEpic (Purple)Purchasable etc.Obsidian BlackObsidian BlackColdharbour Ash Black
HandsOrc Gauntlets 4Normal (White)Have an Orc character or motif.Obsidian BlackObsidian BlackColdharbour Ash Black
WaistOrc Girdle 3Normal (White)Have an Orc character or motif.Obsidian BlackObsidian Black
LegsStormlord GreavesLegendary (Gold)BattlegroundsColdharbour Ash BlackColdharbour Ash BlackColdharbour Ash Black
FeetRedguard Sabatons 4Normal (White)Have a Redguard character or motif.Obsidian BlackObsidian BlackObsidian Black
WeaponMaelstrom Battleaxe OR Minotaur GreatswordLegendary (Gold)Maelstrom Arena/PurchasableObsidian BlackObsidian BlackObsidian Black
OffhandEbony ShieldEpic (Purple)Purchasable etc.Obsidian BlackObsidian BlackObsidian Black

Appearance and Companions:

Hair Style
Head Marking
Facial Hair
Major Adornment
Minor Adornment
Body Marking
Non-Combat Pet