Ebon Armory

  • Source: Crypt of Shadows
  • Style: Unique
  • Special Effect: Glowing red balls encircle character
  • Bonus:
    • (2 items) Maximum Health
    • (3 items) Maximum Health
    • (4 items)  Healing Taken
    • (5 items) Increases you Maximum Health by 1079 for you and up to 11 group members within 28 meters of you.

Ebony Heavy - Female Close FrontEbony Heavy - Female Close BackEbony Heavy - Female Close SideEbony Heavy - Female FrontEbony Heavy - Female BackEbony Heavy - Female SideEbony (Old) Heavy - Glow

Ebony Heavy - Male Close FrontEbony Heavy - Male Close BackEbony Heavy - Male Close SideEbony Heavy - Male FrontEbony Heavy - Male BackEbony Heavy - Male SideEbony Heavy - Male Special Effects

Ebony Heavy - Argonian Male Close FrontEbony Heavy - Argonian Male Close RearEbony Heavy - Argonian Male Close SideEbony Heavy - Argonian Male FrontEbony Heavy - Argonian Male RearEbony Heavy - Argonian Male SideEbony Heavy - Argonian Male Special Effects

Ebony Heavy - Khajiit Female Close FrontEbony Heavy - Khajiit Female Close RearEbony Heavy - Khajiit Female Close SideEbony Heavy - Khajiit Female FrontEbony Heavy - Khajiit Female RearEbony Heavy - Khajiit Female SideEbony Heavy - Khajiit Female Special Effects


Individual Pieces

Ebony (Old) Heavy Helm - Female FrontEbony (Old) Heavy Helm - Female RearEbony (Old) Heavy Helm - Female RightEbony (Old) Heavy Helm - Female Side

Ebony (Old) Heavy Helm - Male FrontEbony (Old) Heavy Helm - Male RearEbony (Old) Heavy Helm - Male RightEbony (Old) Heavy Helm - Male Side

Ebony (Old) Heavy Pauldron - Female FrontEbony (Old) Heavy Pauldron - Female RearEbony (Old) Heavy Pauldron - Female RightEbony (Old) Heavy Pauldron - Female Side

Ebony (Old) Heavy Pauldron - Male FrontEbony (Old) Heavy Pauldron - Male RearEbony (Old) Heavy Pauldron - Male RightEbony (Old) Heavy Pauldron - Male Side

Ebony (Old) Heavy Cuirass - Female FrontEbony (Old) Heavy Cuirass - Female RearEbony (Old) Heavy Cuirass - Female RightEbony (Old) Heavy Cuirass - Female Side

Ebony (Old) Heavy Cuirass - Male FrontEbony (Old) Heavy Cuirass - Male RearEbony (Old) Heavy Cuirass - Male RightEbony (Old) Heavy Cuirass - Male Side

Ebony (Old) Heavy Gauntlets - Female FrontEbony (Old) Heavy Gauntlets - Female RearEbony (Old) Heavy Gauntlets - Female RightEbony (Old) Heavy Gauntlets - Female Side

Ebony (Old) Heavy Gauntlets - Male FrontEbony (Old) Heavy Gauntlets - Male RearEbony (Old) Heavy Gauntlets - Male RightEbony (Old) Heavy Gauntlets - Male Side

Ebony (Old) Heavy Girdle - Female FrontEbony (Old) Heavy Girdle - Female RightEbony (Old) Heavy Girdle - Female Side

Ebony (Old) Heavy Girdle - Male FrontEbony (Old) Heavy Girdle - Male RightEbony (Old) Heavy Girdle - Male Side

Ebony (Old) Heavy Greaves - Female FrontEbony (Old) Heavy Greaves - Female RearEbony (Old) Heavy Greaves - Female RightEbony (Old) Heavy Greaves - Female Side

Ebony (Old) Heavy Greaves - Male FrontEbony (Old) Heavy Greaves - Male RearEbony (Old) Heavy Greaves - Male RightEbony (Old) Heavy Greaves - Male Side

Ebony (Old) Heavy Sabatons - Female FrontEbony (Old) Heavy Sabatons - Female RearEbony (Old) Heavy Sabatons - Female RightEbony (Old) Heavy Sabatons - Female Side

Ebony (Old) Heavy Sabatons - Male FrontEbony (Old) Heavy Sabatons - Male RearEbony (Old) Heavy Sabatons - Male RightEbony (Old) Heavy Sabatons - Male Side


Amethyst Violet, Recipe Reaper Red, Motif Pattern Blue

Ebony (Old) Heavy - Dyed FrontEbony (Old) Heavy - Dyed RearEbony (Old) Heavy - Dyed Side