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  1. GingerfrowGaming
    12 July 2017 @ 1203

    What house is this???


    • merp merpins
      30 August 2017 @ 1909

      Looks to be a Dunmer house of some kind, probably Ebonheart Chateau judging by the skybox color and the fact that the door in the third to last image is a Dunmer door. It’s likely that the guy bought Dwemer stuff and lots of large boulders to turn the exterior of the house into a cave, and the interior of the house into a cavern-like dwemer ruin (due to the size of the house, it wouldn’t be improbable).


      • Exiled Messenger
        31 August 2017 @ 1019

        It is Ebonheart Chateau. It says so in the tags at the top of the post.


  2. tanakit2538
    11 September 2017 @ 1453

    i wanna see your robot closer! <3


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