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  1. fashionista
    2 April 2014 @ 0144

    thats not a dunmer


    • Exiled Messenger
      2 April 2014 @ 0147

      No one is claiming the character is a Dunmer, just that the armor is Dunmer.


      • Defenseman13
        8 April 2014 @ 2331

        If you read the first post in English, that person clearly states “that’s not a dunmer”. This implies he is talking about the character, not the armor. The grammar is bad if he was referring to the armor.


        • Exiled Messenger
          8 April 2014 @ 2350

          Yes, I posted this. I was indicating to the person that when I named the post Dunmer Hide it didn’t mean the character was a Dunmer, but that the armor was Dunmer.


    • Dulfy
      2 April 2014 @ 0204

      It appears you don’t understand how racial motifs in ESO work. There is no such thing as only Dunmers wearing Dunmer armor. Anyone can wear the armor of a specific racial motif. The racial name dictates what it will look like, not who can wear it.


  2. Simonael
    20 April 2014 @ 1002

    Just an observation from my own play experience. My main is a clothier, and when he made the base starter ‘Rawhide’ set, it didn’t look anything like what you have there. However, what you list as ‘Rawhide’, was the result of my using ‘Hide’ (Tier 2). I have yet to go beyond Tier 2, but it seems it’s going up the line, just one Tier off. Anyone else notice this?


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