• Source: Complete Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj while it is scaled to Champion 160
  • One who wears this skin adopts the eerie appearance of a dro-m’Athra or Bent Cat, an evil ancestor spirit of the Khajiit.

Dro-m'Athra - Female FrontDro-m'Athra - Female BackDro-m'Athra - Female SideDro-m'Athra - Male FrontDro-m'Athra - Male BackDro-m'Athra - Male Side

Dro-m'Athra - Argonian FrontDro-m'Athra - Argonian RearDro-m'Athra - Argonian SideDro-m'Athra - Khajiit FrontDro-m'Athra - Khajiit RearDro-m'Athra - Khajiit Side