D’Kho – NA


Character – D’Kho – NA – Nightblade

Submitted by – decompiler




PieceMotifNameQualityLevelPrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadOrcFell Helm of Twilight’s Embrace (not pictured)Fine (Green)46Birch WhiteNoxophilic BlackClothier Purple
ShouldersDaedricFell Cops of Twilight’s EmbraceFine (Green)46Birch WhiteNoxophilic BlackClothier Purple
ChestAltmerFell Jack of Twilight’s EmbraceSuperior (Blue)46Birch WhiteNoxophilic BlackClothier Purple
HandsImperialFell Bracers of Ashen GripFine (Green)46Clothier PurpleNoxophilic BlackExpert Gray
WaistDaedricFell Belt of Ashen GripFine (Green)46Birch WhiteNoxophilic BlackClothier Purple
LegsAltmerFell Guards of Twilight’s EmbraceFine (Green)46Birch WhiteNoxophilic BlackClothier Purple
FeetImperialFell Boots of Twilight’s EmbraceFine (Green)46Clothier PurpleNoxophilic BlackExpert Gray
WeaponBosmerEbon Sword of Ashen GripSuperior (Blue)46
OffhandBosmerEbon Dagger of Ashen GripSuperior (Blue)46

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: crafted
  • Shoulders: crafted
  • Chest: crafted
  • Hands: crafted
  • Waist: crafted
  • Legs: crafted
  • Feet: crafted
  • Weapon: crafted
  • Offhand: crafted


Called “Carapace of the Leech”, this armor set commemorates D’Kho’s ascendance to Vampire 10.