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  1. ESO addict
    5 March 2022 @ 1819

    Is this thing animated, like other gates?


  2. The Gorram Batguy
    26 May 2022 @ 1134

    You probably already got your answer, but I came here wondering that exact question. I can tell you now that the answer is ‘no’. It doesn’t do anything; it’s just a big stationary grid.


  3. ESO addict
    4 June 2022 @ 1159

    i thought about replying so often while i sat at work, i eventually forgot i never did. How sick is that!?

    For everyone else, for what it’s worth, when you turn this horizontally it’s the best grate (or grill) that i know of (PLS tell me if you know another!)
    -i’ve been using the crown scavenged grate, and lining those up looks Horrendous.
    These deadlands ones make great platforms and ramps.
    One has to be able to drop burning oils like out in Cyro, right?

    Otherwise you need Essential Housing Tools (EHT) addon to animate it (but you can animate it conditionally – like, i’ve seen folks unlock secret doorways).

    i Love making these, but the cost was ridiculous


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