Dead-Water Scale

  • Source: Xanmeer Crown Crate – Legendary
  • Cost: 100 Crown Gems
  • “Not to be overly critical, but in my opinion the shadowy Scale Skin of the Dead-Waters is entirely too austere. Though it it, I admit, simple and elegant.” – Xukas

Dead-Water Scale Female FrontDead-Water Scale Female RearDead-Water Scale Female RightDead-Water Scale Female SideDead-Water Scale Male FrontDead-Water Scale Male RearDead-Water Scale Male RightDead-Water Scale Male Side

Dead-Water Scale Argonian Male FrontDead-Water Scale Argonian Male RearDead-Water Scale Argonian Male RightDead-Water Scale Argonian Male SideDead-Water Scale Khajiit Female FrontDead-Water Scale Khajiit Female RearDead-Water Scale Khajiit Female RightDead-Water Scale Khajiit Female Side