Dar'khasad [EU]

  • Character: Dar'khasad of EU
  • Submitted by: Adderlen

So… this is my first post here, so hope you'll like it :3
Meet Dar'khasad smooth criminal of Elsweyr.
The outfit was meant to resemble khajiiti culture and something what a successful thief will wear on a regular day.


PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
ShouldersSunspire Epaulets (light)Sunspire TrialDragonknight’s Blood
ChestSunspire Jerkin (light)Sunspire TrialDragonknight’s BloodColossus BrassBirch White
HandsSunspire Gloves (light)Sunspire TrialBirch White
WaistSunspire Sash (light)Sunspire TrialBirch White
LegsRa Gada Breeches (light)CraglornBirch WhiteDragonknight’s BloodColossus Brass
FeetSunspire Boots (light)Sunspire TrialDragonknight’s BloodColossus BrassBirch White
WeaponWolf of Solitude Replica SwordComplete "Greymoor Rising" quest in western SkyrimBirch WhiteColossus BrassBook Cover Brown
OffhandSilver Dawn DaggerMoon Hunter Keep DungeonBirch WhiteColossus BrassBook Cover Brown

Appearance and Companions:

Hair StyleCrested Shag Mullet
Head Marking
Facial Hair
Major Adornment
Minor AdornmentTwo-Loop Earrings
Body Marking
SkinMy favorite are Dro'm-Athra and Sable Man-Beast
PolymorphMy favorite is Werewolf Lord but it covers your style 😛
Non-Combat Pet