Dark Shaman

  • Source: Crown Store
  • Cost:
    • 1,200 Crowns
    • 960 Crowns – ESO+
  • Far from town, temple, and market, those of ill intent meet in secret conclave to importune the forces of darkness for power and mastery. Behold here the dire raiment they don for this fell purpose.

Dark Shaman - Female Close FrontDark Shaman - Female Close BackDark Shaman - Female Close SideDark Shaman - Female FrontDark Shaman - Female BackDark Shaman - Female Left

Dark Shaman - Male Close FrontDark Shaman - Male Close BackDark Shaman - Male Close SideDark Shaman - Male FrontDark Shaman - Male BackDark Shaman - Male Side

Dark Shaman - Argonian Close FrontDark Shaman - Argonian Close BackDark Shaman - Argonian Close SideDark Shaman - Argonian FrontDark Shaman - Argonian BackDark Shaman - Argonian Side

Dark Shaman - Khajiit Close FrontDark Shaman - Khajiit Close BackDark Shaman - Khajiit Close SideDark Shaman - Khajiit Female FrontDark Shaman - Khajiit FrontDark Shaman - Khajiit BackDark Shaman - Khajiit Side


Alchemist Bilious, Clothier Purple, Provisioner Brown

Dark Shaman Dyed Close FrontDark Shaman Dyed Close BackDark Shaman Dyed Close SideDark Shaman Dyed FrontDark Shaman Dyed BackDark Shaman Dyed Side