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6 years ago

Another item on the PTS missing from Live Homestead.

4 years ago

Hi, how can this be acquired? it is in the game since there are some on TTC site but the price is way way too high…so I wonder how can I get them myself?

4 years ago

Hey John. I searched online and found a forum post discussing this item. Apparently, it can currently only be obtained from purchasing a Dark Elf home like Kragenhome (which is – I think – the cheapest home that contains this item, at 70,000 gold). People who have purchased these homes and don’t want to keep the coals can sell them on the guild trader, but I believe the item itself sells for more than Kragenhome. Someone discussed a workaround that involves making additional accounts just to buy the homes (sending your alt accounts the gold to do so) and then sending the main account the beds of coals to use in the main decorating house. I imagine this would be possible on PC but it would have to be during a free play weekend.
I haven’t checked the in-housing crown furnishing section, although that might be worth a look. Alternatively, you can turn off surface drag and take some braziers (that don’t have a full-on fire effect, more of a smoldering coals one) and stick them in the ground to make it look like there are hot coals on the floor.
I hope this helps!

4 years ago

thx, funny I bought kragenhome for the achiv…il go check it out and if not then il check all of them :3

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