Dar’andro – NA


Character – Dar’andro – NA – Nightblade

Submitted by – Antonio Vecchio




PieceMotifNameQualityLevelPrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadKhajiitSteel HelmFine (Green)18Book Cover BrownWoodsman GreenBook Cover Brown
ShouldersNordHide Arm Cops of HealthNormal (White)18Book Cover BrownWoodsman GreenWoodsman Green
ChestDunmerHide JackFine (Green)18Woodsman GreenDried Blood BrownBook Cover Brown
HandsBosmerRawhide BracersNormal (White)14Book Cover BrownBook Cover BrownWoodsman Green
WaistAltmerKeeneye BeltFine (Green)14Book Cover BrownDried Blood BrownWoodsman Green
LegsBosmerIron Greaves of StaminaSuperior (Blue)14Woodsman GreenWoodsman GreenBook Cover Brown
FeetArgonianRawhide Boots of HealthNormal (White)14Book Cover BrownWoodsman GreenWoodsman Green
WeaponKhajiitSteel Dagger of FrostFine (Green)16
OffhandKhajiitSteel Dagger of FlameNormal (White)16

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: Craft
  • Shoulders: Craft and Enchant
  • Chest: Craft
  • Hands: Craft
  • Waist: “Eye Spy”
  • Legs: Craft and Loot
  • Feet: Craft
  • Weapon: Craft
  • Offhand: Craft


Helmet is used but hidden