Dacalana [NA]

  • Character: Dacalana of NA
  • Submitted by: melodi_teso
  • WMain weapon first colour is Glacial Topaz


    PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
    HeadNormal (White)
    ShouldersDremora's Arm CopsLegendary (Gold)Witches FestivalCovenant Vanquisher VioletBlademaster’s Mauve
    ChestFang Lair JerkinLegendary (Gold)Fang Lair DungeonAmethyst VioletContraband VioletNacreous Purple
    HandsTrinimac GlovesLegendary (Gold)Daily Delve quests in WrothgarCelestial Violet
    WaistDivine Prosecution SashCollector's Edition of the Summerset ChapterCelestial Violet
    LegsHlaalu GreavesLegendary (Gold)Stealing in VvardenfellBlademaster’s MauveNacreous PurpleClothier Purple
    FeetFang Lair ShoesLegendary (Gold)Fang Lair DungeonBedlam PurpleContraband Violet
    WeaponSellistrix StaffLegendary (Gold)Crown StoreShrike BlueShrike Blue

    Appearance and Companions:

    Hair StyleAdorable Assasin
    Head MarkingUricanbeg Antlers Face Tattoo
    Facial HairBronze Color Eyeshadow
    Major AdornmentWolfsbane Ear Posy
    Minor AdornmentMagicka Ear Claps
    Body MarkingSerpentine Interlace Body Tattoo
    SkinMeridian Purified
    PersonalityBeast Personality
    MountSenche of Scarlet Regret
    Non-Combat PetPurple Daggerback