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  1. Stellanoche
    24 March 2021 @ 1728

    Does anyone really have 2,500 crown gems? And if so why? You would have to spend hundreds of real world dollars to buy the number of crates required to accrue that many crown gems. I mean even if that one object you so zealously desired alluded you in the randomly dealt cards, you could still have traded in enough duplicates to obtain the required number of crown gems to purchase the darn thing after only 30 or 40 crates. It’s beyond my understanding unless someone saw way in advance that these pricey critters would be coming down the pike. I mean seriously? 2,500 crown gems? That’s outrageous!


  2. Anonymous
    28 March 2021 @ 1221

    I think the people with these mounts are likely mostly traders with extraordinary amounts of gold for buying crowns at their disposal.


  3. Anonymous
    13 April 2021 @ 1535

    I spend an hour or two a day trading and average about 30% margins post tax. I had sales this week of 15 million so I made roughly 4.5 million. Then you can add on roughly another 1.5M for hirelings and writs on every character. So 6M a week and I’ve played the game since launch (granted I did not make nearly this much until 2.5ish years ago. But still 500 mil bank and the most expensive house fully decked out was like 15 million at most. Golded out gear for my main and PvP alt was 3 mil. Literally nothing else for me to spend all of that on, so why not crates?


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