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ESO Fashion


  1. GurfKing
    13 January 2016 @ 1438

    Living for this look, that head, chest, shoulders, and hands combo. Yas God. But I’m not really feeling the Ancient Orc legs. I kinda see how it could go with the Imperial boots, but idk. #sorryboo #youdoyoutho


  2. Valentissimo
    23 January 2016 @ 2118

    i was wondering how this set works for tanking, with the armor master and 5/1/1 heavy medium light?


    • Crimsomniac
      28 February 2016 @ 0540

      Very well, actually. I play an unorthodox magicka based tank, 5-1-1 gives me high health and magicka pool thanks to undaunted passive, with my DK ability and Armor Master bonus my resistances are capped and I often cast damage shields and self healing, which enables me to tank with hardly any blocking. Also, very good for battlefield mobility and control, DK has an unrivaled CC.


  3. Killswitch
    4 October 2016 @ 1452

    This set looks awesome! I’m very much into mix matching armor style to create a unique one for my character. Thing is, I’m new to the game and still need to get the hang of it. I wish there was an option to preview you items before you craft or use them..


  4. Popa Bogdan Laurenţiu
    10 January 2018 @ 1548

    I’m into that sort of knightly style myself, kewel combo, really really nice!


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