Covenant Scout

  • Source:
    • Crown Store – Part of Stealthy Rogue Pack
    • One of the choices for reaching level 20
  • Cost: 700 crowns
  • Brown and black leather armor topped with a black leather cowl, like that worn by Breton Skirmisher Scouts.

Covenant Scout - Female Close FrontCovenant Scout - Female Close BackCovenant Scout - Female Close SideCovenant Scout - Female FrontCovenant Scout - Female BackCovenant Scout - Female Side

Covenant Scout - Male Close FrontCovenant Scout - Male Close BackCovenant Scout - Male Close SideCovenant Scout - Male FrontCovenant Scout - Male BackCovenant Scout - Male Side

Covenant Scout - Argonian Male Close FrontCovenant Scout - Argonian Male Close RearCovenant Scout - Argonian Male Close SideCovenant Scout - Argonian Male FrontCovenant Scout - Argonian Male RearCovenant Scout - Argonian Male Side

Covenant Scout - Khajiit Female Close FrontCovenant Scout - Khajiit Female Close RearCovenant Scout - Khajiit Female Close SideCovenant Scout - Khajiit Female FrontCovenant Scout - Khajiit Female RearCovenant Scout - Khajiit Female Side


Alchemist Bilious, Clothier Purple, Provisioner Brown

Covenant Scout Dyed Close FrontCovenant Scout Dyed Close BackCovenant Scout Dyed Close SideCovenant Scout Dyed FrontCovenant Scout Dyed BackCovenant Scout Dyed Side