Cinder Mask

  • Source: Reaper’s Harvest Crown Crate – Legendary
  • Cost: 100 Crown Gems
  • How do the Ashkhans of Vvardenfell keep volcanic dust out of their eyes and ashes out of their lungs? With a deluxe Cinder Mask, crafted from the finest netch leather and guar bone!

Cinder Mask - Female FrontCinder Mask - Female BackCinder Mask - Female Side

Cinder Mask - Male FrontCinder Mask - Male BackCinder Mask - Male Side

Cinder Mask Argonian Male FrontCinder Mask Argonian Male RearCinder Mask Argonian Male Side

Cinder Mask Khajiit Female FrontCinder Mask Khajiit Female RearCinder Mask Khajiit Female Side