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  1. MaidoMaido
    20 January 2016 @ 1843

    is this bind on pickup?


    • Heiko Bauer
      22 January 2016 @ 0851

      Its a Costume which is part of Orsinium Quest chain


      • MaidoMaido
        22 January 2016 @ 1252

        Thanks, is it account bound in the collection tab, or is it a disguise you can pick up and give to a friend who doesn’t have Orsinium DLC? (Like the Crown dishdasha disguise, etc)


        • Heiko Bauer
          25 January 2016 @ 2255

          Collection Tab


  2. von Carstein Kantakouzenos
    1 November 2016 @ 1239

    good for a Nord


  3. Anonymous
    19 August 2020 @ 1807

    Thanks for NOT explaining EVERYTHING one would need to do to obtain this costume. Not only do you have to “Filling the House of Orismer Glories with Historic Relics”, but you also need to achieve the Hero of Wrothgar and then complete a final quest for the last relic!!!

    This site cannot be trusted with useful information and I will no longer be utilizing it.


  4. Exiled Messenger (Exile)
    20 August 2020 @ 0909

    Not that you will see this because you “will no longer be utilizing” the site.

    This is what the tooltip in the Collections menu says you need to complete for the costume. Had I been playing at the time Wrothgar came out, I may have included more information on how to obtain it, but it takes all of my time to take pictures and maintain the site. I really don’t have time to also included step-by-step instructions.

    May I suggest to anyone looking for how to obtain the items I’ve taken images of that there are sites which do include more in-depth instructions on how to obtain items, but do not have the number of images this site has, ie. UESP ( and The Elder Scrolls Wiki (


  5. Anonymous
    21 August 2020 @ 0525

    Hey Exile, don’t listen to that a-hole. You’re doing an amazing job of keeping the website updated. Thank you for your hard work!


  6. Scathach
    21 August 2020 @ 0535

    Exile. I would not have been able to build my custom houses without this incredible site, so thank you for all your hard work. It is very much appreciated.


  7. Exiled Messenger (Exile)
    21 August 2020 @ 0806

    Thank you for the kind comments.


  8. Exiled Messenger (Exile)
    21 August 2020 @ 0807

    Thank you very much. I’m glad you are getting use out of the site.


  9. Alexandria
    22 August 2020 @ 0736

    Hey just wanted to add my support for this amazing site. It’s been my go to forever. When I see something I want here THEN I go out and RESEARCH how to obtain it. It’s not hard. So please ignore Anonymous Karen’s whining to management. Imagine this person’s poor family. LOL


  10. Exiled Messenger (Exile)
    22 August 2020 @ 0829

    Thank you. I know it can be a pain to have to use more than one site, but it takes a lot more time than you would think to take all of these pictures.


  11. Anonymous
    22 August 2020 @ 1021

    ESO Fashion is my go-to site not just for outfits, but for housing items. I cannot wrap my mind around how long it must take to maintain this site. It’s beyond amazing 😀


  12. onions
    22 August 2020 @ 2202

    Adding my thank you for Exile’s efforts here as well. Been using MMO-fashion since 2014, although iirc it was still just TOR-fashion back then


  13. Exiled Messenger (Exile)
    23 August 2020 @ 0918

    Thank you. It takes me about 100-150 hours per chapter to take all of the pictures and update the sites. It takes about 5-7 hours per Crown Crate. Weekly Crown Store updates are about an hour.


  14. Exiled Messenger (Exile)
    23 August 2020 @ 0919

    Thank you. I started MMO Fashion and ESO Fashion in 2014 right before ESO launched. Prior to that it was just TOR Fashion, which I took over from Duly in 2013. She did help with all the sites until she quit last year though.


  15. moranae
    24 August 2020 @ 0246

    wow i was not even aware of that 🙂 i will work my way fast to finish to collect all the relics and get this !! Thank you 🙂 and please dont worry, we have enough youtubers, website guides, and guilds to help us to guide us through all. I certainly enjoy more to find here the beautiful things from eso

    (sorry i did not want to be anonymous so i corrected the post, If you can delete the other one thank you)


  16. Exiled Messenger (Exile)
    24 August 2020 @ 0831

    Yeah, that’s why it can take me a long time to finish projects on the website. I have to balance them with the time it takes for pictures. Not to mention, I do have cover more than one game, but ESO is the only one I put this much effort into anymore.


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