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Psijic Order

  • Motif: Racial Motif 61: Psijic Style
    • Location: Adventuring around Summerset
      • Activities that may reward a Psijic Motif chapter are, in order of most to least likely:
        • Completing Abyssal Geysers
        • Killing World Bosses
        • Completing Abyssal Pools
        • Treasure Chests (with higher-difficulty locks being more likely, and easier locks being less likely)
        • Killing Delve bosses
        • Killing monsters
      • The chance to obtain a Psijic Motif chapter or book from these sources increases with your rank in the Psijic Order skill line, with Rank 10 giving you a ten times increase over those not versed in the ways of the Psijic Order
  • Gem: Vitrified Malondo
    • Location: Drops from the same sources as above, more commonly than do the Chapters
  • Update: Summerset
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