Captain Moriane Ranere [EU]

  • Character: Captain Moriane Ranere of EU
  • Submitted by: Gguy
  • Desiring something both stylish and practical, Moriane Ranere had this coat specifically crafted to him by a master crafter in Wayrest. The coat mainly consists of cloth, but has some metal pieces for extra protection. The coat is black, making it easy to hide in the shadows, it also come with a hood, for both style related reasons, and a way to conceal ones identity. The coat is rather light as well, which helps the wearer move around without much restriction. Overall, it makes a great outfit for any local pirate with a desire for something nice to look at, and useful on the battlefield.

    Piece Name Quality Source Prim Dye Sec Dye Tert Dye
    Head Imperial hat 1 (light) Normal (White) Noxophilic Black
    Shoulders Redguard arm cops 1 (medium) Normal (White) Noxophilic Black Noxophilic Black
    Chest Imperial Jerkin 4 (light) Normal (White) Noxophilic Black Soul Shriven Gray Noxophilic Black
    Hands Dark elf bracers 1 (medium) Normal (White) Noxophilic Black Soul Shriven Gray Noxophilic Black
    Waist Orc sash 1 (light) Normal (White)
    Legs Skinchanger Greaves (heavy) Normal (White) Soul Shriven Gray Noxophilic Black Noxophilic Black
    Feet Breton Boots 1 (medium) Noxophilic Black Noxophilic Black Noxophilic Black
    Weapon Redguard sword 2 Normal (White)