Candied-Posterior – PS4


Character – Candied-Posterior – PS4 – Templar

Submitted by – KochDerDamonen




PieceMotifNameQualityLevelPrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadAncient ElfHelm of Death’s WindSuperior (Blue)V2Starlight GoldEyevea BlueQuester Yellow
ShouldersAncient ElfEpaulets of Death’s WindSuperior (Blue)V2Netch Jelly BlueQuester YellowEyevea Blue
ChestAncient ElfShirt of the SeducerSuperior (Blue)V2Windhelm SteelEyevea BlueStarlight Gold
HandsAncient ElfGloves of the SeducerSuperior (Blue)V2Windhelm SteelEyevea BlueQuester Yellow
WaistRedguardSash of the SeducerSuperior (Blue)V2Quester YellowQuester YellowQuester Yellow
LegsAncient ElfPants of the SeducerSuperior (Blue)V2Windhelm SteelQuester YellowQuester Yellow
FeetAncient ElfShoes of the SeducerSuperior (Blue)V2Windhelm SteelEyevea BlueQuester Yellow
WeaponOrcStaff of the SeducerFine (Green)V2
OffhandPlease choose racial motif

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: Crafting
  • Shoulders: Crafting
  • Chest: Crafting
  • Hands: Crafting
  • Waist: Crafting
  • Legs: Crafting
  • Feet: Crafting
  • Weapon: Crafting
  • Offhand: