Caedinor Nightthorn [NA]

  • Character: Caedinor Nightthorn of NA
  • Submitted by: itsJylerTAG
  • Caedinor Nightthorn is a bosmer who worships the daedric prince Hircine while leading his own pack, as a result of this i wanted to go for a look that was "wild" and something you'd expect both a bosmer and a character who worships the father of wolves to wear. I like how the outfit turned out and as a result i'll be wearing it for quite some time! Figured i'd share it here while listing all the pieces.

    All equipment is gold and i swap between Molag Kena and Valkyn Skoria depending on my mood.

    Head: Breton Light Hat #1 – Molag Kena or Valkyn Skoria
    Shoulders: Breton Light Epaulets #2 – Molag Kena Or Valkyn Skoria
    Arms: Breton Medium Bracers #3 – Hundings Rage
    Chest: Mazzatun Heavy Chest – Hundings Rage
    Belt: Wood Elf Medium Belt #4 – Hundings Rage
    Legs: Thieves Guild Heavy Legs – Hundings Rage
    Boots: Trinimac Light Boots – Hundings Rage
    Bows: Dreadhorn Bows – The Asylum Bow (Will change to Maelstrom or Master ASAP)

    The colors consist of Craftmaster Gold, Wolf's Fur Brown and Book Cover Brown.

    PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye