“Buoyant Gentility” Ensemble

  • Source:
    • Crown Store
    • Psijic Vault Crown Crate – Epic
  • Cost:
    • 700 Crowns
    • 40 Crown Gems
  • “I’ve woven some of Lord Vivec’s austere elegance into this outfit, my tribute to the Tribune,” says Voldsea Arvel. “Soiree tonight in St. Delyn Plaza? In your new ‘Buoyant Gentility’ garb, you’ll be a Vvardenfell vision!”

Buoyant Gentility - Female Close FrontBuoyant Gentility - Female Close BackBuoyant Gentility - Female Close SideBuoyant Gentility - Female FrontBuoyant Gentility - Female BackBuoyant Gentility - Female Side

Buoyant Gentility - Male Close FrontBuoyant Gentility - Male Close BackBuoyant Gentility - Male Close SideBuoyant Gentility - Male FrontBuoyant Gentility - Male BackBuoyant Gentility - Male Side

Buoyant Gentility - Argonian Male Close FrontBuoyant Gentility - Argonian Male Close RearBuoyant Gentility - Argonian Male Close SideBuoyant Gentility - Argonian Male FrontBuoyant Gentility - Argonian Male RearBuoyant Gentility - Argonian Male Side

Buoyant Gentility - Khajiit Female Close FrontBuoyant Gentility - Khajiit Female Close RearBuoyant Gentility - Khajiit Female Close SideBuoyant Gentility - Khajiit Female FrontBuoyant Gentility - Khajiit Female RearBuoyant Gentility - Khajiit Female Side


Quester Yellow, Forge Ember Red, Amethyst Violet

Buoyant Gentility Dyed BackBuoyant Gentility Dyed Close BackBuoyant Gentility Dyed Close FrontBuoyant Gentility Dyed Close SideBuoyant Gentility Dyed FrontBuoyant Gentility Dyed Side