Bryenh [EU]

  • Character: Bryenh of EU
  • Submitted by: FrameXdrop

I wanted to create a character for Maelstrom arena. Since one of the easiest classes for it was a pet sorcerer i decided to create a look that represents deadra, but with a little bit of skin.


PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadEmpty (or Worm Cult Helmet)Epic (Purple)Anniversary Event (or Guild Traders)Wayrest Royal PurpleIndomitable VioletShein Violet
ShouldersWorm Cult PauldronsEpic (Purple)Anniversary Event (or Guild Traders)Indomitable Violet
ChestFang Lair CuirassEpic (Purple)Fang Lair Dungeon (or Battlegrounds Reward)Indomitable VioletShein VioletWayrest Royal Purple
HandsPit Daemon GauntletsEpic (Purple)Battlegrounds RewardIndomitable VioletShein Violet
WaistWorm Cult SashEpic (Purple)Anniversary Event (or Guild Traders)Indomitable VioletWayrest Royal Purple
LegsWorm Cult GuardsEpic (Purple)Anniversary Event (or Guild Traders)Wayrest Royal PurpleShein VioletIndomitable Violet
FeetPit Daemon SabatonsEpic (Purple)Battlegrounds RewardIndomitable VioletShein Violet
WeaponShadowrend StaffLegendary (Gold)Crown StoreWayrest Royal PurpleHaunted Moor MauveWayrest Royal Purple
OffhandShadowrend StaffLegendary (Gold)Crown StoreWayrest Royal PurpleHaunted Moor MauveWayrest Royal Purple

Appearance and Companions:

Hair StyleSidelong Sweep
Head MarkingDark Eyeliner
Facial HairSubtle Dark Lashes
Major AdornmentNo Major Adornment
Minor AdornmentEar Lobe Stinger
Body MarkingBody Imprint of the Psijic Order
MountStorm Atronach Senche
Non-Combat PetBanekin