Brorys [XBox One]

  • Character: Brorys of XBox One
  • Submitted by: LoVertuab
  • Gear:

    PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
    HeadOrder Of The Hour HelmEpic (Purple)Gold Coast Daily QuestsMastic YellowRansacker Blue
    ShouldersApostle PauldronsEpic (Purple)Clockwork City Daily QuestsMastic YellowRansacker Blue
    ChestMystic Eye Psijic CuirassEpic (Purple)The Crystal Tower Quest (Summerset)Mastic YellowRansacker BlueRansacker Blue
    HandsDemora GauntletsEpic (Purple)Witches FestivalMastic YellowRansacker Blue
    WaistBloodforge GirdleEpic (Purple)Bloodrote Forge Veteran (DLC Dungeon)Mastic YellowRansacker BlueRansacker Blue
    LegsSkinchanger GravesEpic (Purple)New Life FestivalMastic YellowRansacker BlueMastic Yellow
    FeetSkinchanger ShoesEpic (Purple)New Life FestivalRansacker BlueRansacker BlueMastic Yellow
    WeaponPyandonean MaceEpic (Purple)Fishing in SummersetMastic YellowRansacker BlueThalmor Black
    OffhandPyandonean ShieldEpic (Purple)Fishing in SummersetMastic YellowRansacker BlueThalmor Black

    Appearance and Companions:

    Hair Style
    Head Marking
    Facial Hair
    Major Adornment
    Minor Adornment
    Body Marking
    Non-Combat Pet