Bright-Throat Scale

  • Source: Xanmeer Crown Crate – Legendary
  • Cost: 100 Crown Gems
  • “Kaoc! That luridly patterned Scale Skin style worn by the Bright-Throats is far too gaudy. Could a serious person appear in public like that? I think not.” – Jaxsik-Orrn of the Dead-Water Tribe

Bright-Throat Scale Female FrontBright-Throat Scale Female RearBright-Throat Scale Female RightBright-Throat Scale Female SideBright-Throat Scale Male FrontBright-Throat Scale Male RearBright-Throat Scale Male RightBright-Throat Scale Male Side

Bright-Throat Scale Argonian Male FrontBright-Throat Scale Argonian Male RearBright-Throat Scale Argonian Male RightBright-Throat Scale Argonian Male SideBright-Throat Scale Khajiit Female FrontBright-Throat Scale Khajiit Female RearBright-Throat Scale Khajiit Female RightBright-Throat Scale Khajiit Female Side