Breton Hero Armor

  • Source:
    • Crown Store
    • Dwarven Crown Crate – Legendary
  • Cost:
    • 2,000 Crowns
    • 1,600 Crowns (ESO+)
    • 100 Crown Gems
  • This costume pays tribute to a legendary Breton hero of the Daggerfall Covenant. Now you can honor this nameless rogue by adopting his intimidating outfit.

Breton Hero - Female Close FrontBreton Hero - Female Close BackBreton Hero - Female Close SideBreton Hero - Female FrontBreton Hero - Female BackBreton Hero - Female Side

Breton Hero - Male Close FrontBreton Hero - Male Close BackBreton Hero - Male Close SideBreton Hero - Male FrontBreton Hero - Male BackBreton Hero - Male Side

Breton Hero - Argonian Male Close FrontBreton Hero - Argonian Male Close RearBreton Hero - Argonian Male Close SideBreton Hero - Argonian Male FrontBreton Hero - Argonian Male RearBreton Hero - Argonian Male Side

Breton Hero - Khajiit Female Close FrontBreton Hero - Khajiit Female Close RearBreton Hero - Khajiit Female Close SideBreton Hero - Khajiit Female FrontBreton Hero - Khajiit Female RearBreton Hero - Khajiit Female Side


Pillager Purple, Graht-Bark Brown, Ransacker Blue

Breton Hero Dyed Close FrontBreton Hero Dyed Close RearBreton Hero Dyed Close SideBreton Hero Dyed FrontBreton Hero Dyed RearBreton Hero Dyed Side