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  1. MajorSprinklez13
    24 July 2016 @ 0146

    Really disappointed to see that the Breton costume is really un textured & has a lot of missing key details that made the costume pop. I also wish they added the cape on the back instead of glueing it on. (Yes, Zos can’t put capes) I also wish that they didn’t make the costum look so fresh. I mean having it to be scratched and rugged would add more detail. All in all the front is somewhat okay? But, I think Zos should refund everyone of their spent crowns and take it off the crown store to re work on it. Then will I spend 20 dollars on such a costume.


  2. Revaniel
    22 August 2016 @ 1421

    I agree, it should have come with a more attractive cape theme instead of this trench coat robe factor? it looks awful on mounts to.


  3. Alexandru von Carstein
    28 October 2016 @ 0753

    Very good for the Battle Mage/Secret Sorcerer gig


  4. fake
    10 February 2017 @ 1909

    can you hide head slot/ hood on costumes in this game? considering reinstalling.


    • Enderverse
      10 February 2017 @ 2030

      Yup. You can also equip a hat from collections in place of the costume head.


  5. Lindsay Mastervick
    27 February 2017 @ 1240

    Is this still available in the crown store?


    • Eisotopius
      28 February 2017 @ 1753

      No. All three hero costumes are no longer available.


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