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  1. doc_purple
    13 April 2014 @ 2103

    Could I get some opinions on what colour the 36-40 armour is up there? I swear it looks like a dark gray but someone else in-game is insisting it’s swamp green.

    Meanwhile, my level 36 armour in-game looks like this. I’m really confused.


    • Nate
      28 April 2014 @ 2244

      Every set of Dwarven I’ve made has been dark green, with the accents changing depending on the quality. Right now I’m wearing dark green Dunmer gear, with bronze accent marks (showing blue quality)


  2. fic
    28 May 2014 @ 2339

    weird. i remerber that lvl 36 Dwarven armor i crafted looked same as screenshot above..dark grey color. i ‘ve just made lvl 36 Dwarven armor again after checking out the comment, and it looks dark green. weird.


  3. fic
    28 May 2014 @ 2342

    i’ve summited wrong information. lvl 36 breton armor has dark-green color and lvl 38 – 42 breton harmor has dark-gold color


    • fix
      29 May 2014 @ 0758

      * lvl 38-42 —-> lvl 38 – 44


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